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FPnA is developing innovative solutions in the FinTech industry since 2009. In 2012 launched the first independent PFM in Spain and since then he has continued to expand its portfolio of services.
Currently automatically adds the information of more than 271 financial institutions worldwide and categorization technology is adapted to 18 countries.

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Personal Financial
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The "white label" PFM solution most advanced

The Financial Planning and Analysis PFM solution connects users, banks and merchants.
Through an automated data analysis the system is able to present commercial offers to users who have more interest in them.
The degree of customization is due to techniques of segmentation and pattern developed by the company.

Want to see us in action?

It's easy, request a demo or visit the PFM service leader in Spain.

In January 2012 fpnatools launched in the Spanish market
the first independent Personal Finance application.

Why implement PFM ?

  • Cross-selling

    Having a better understanding and analysis of customer habits makes the bank can get the marketing of products that better fit the present and future needs of a user of online and mobile banking.

    User feel closer to their bank due to not be treated like a number that get the offers that will be sent to everyone.

  • Cost

    Improving digital channels, base future of banking, thus achieving a significant cost savings in traditional savings channels and campaigns to attract and retain customers.

Our Strong Points
  • Better

    Users claim that online and mobile channels begin to give a higher quality service, where the presentation of the information is really useful and simple for making decisions about your money.

    Banks must move towards solutions tailored to the technological improvements that occur in other sectors.

  • Data

    Financial Institutions need better use of their information. Handle hundreds of millions of data that are not able to process or exploit.

    The FPnA treatment system provides information that makes obtaining tangible conclusions about customers is a reality, applicable to multiple areas of the bank, from commercial to risks.

FPnA's commitment to the I+D

Development of a secure system for sharing financial information SISIF

Project cofunded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan for Scientific Research Development and Innovation 2013-2016, with code file TSI-100200-2014-118

Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo.

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